Song release: Dreamtime Congregation

Dear all,

Today we have the pleasure of presenting something extra special to you.

This is a song that we have been working on, to and fro, for a little over 20 years. Yeah, you read that right — we first started working on it during the previous millennium.

This is not your standard off-the-shelf hit song. It is a progressive monstrosity that grinds and churns for over 8 minutes, and that features Ethnic elements and non-fiction literary quotes. Eclectic? We say yes. Pretentious? You decide. Either way, we recommend focused listening, loud volume and good earphones.

So without further ado, we bring you…

Shoutouts to Peter Wildoer for the inspiration to the polymetric 3:2 beat of the intro, to our former bass guitarist Ulf Nyberg for the initial riff, and to A. P. Elkin, Gary Snyder, Emma Bramwell, and “Friedrich the Madman” for the quotes.

Peace out,

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