Happy Isolational Bailando Year

For this holiday at a social distance, we dug up a rare item for you from the sound archives. This is a song that we did for shits and giggles at a live gig over 15 years ago. We hope that it might give you a good laugh or a least put a smile on your face towards the end of this clusterf*ck of a year. Or a smirk. If you smirk, that’s fine too.

Disclaimer 1: This is a demo (or even a pre-demo) recording, without much thought given to mixing, re-recording, and most certainly not mastering. Expect it to sound like one.

Disclaimer 2: It’s obviously a cover, released without kind permission. The moment any copyright gnargoyle rears its ugly mug we’re pulling it from the web for good – so make sure you download it before that happens. 😉

And with this, we wish you all a truly Happy New Year. No, really.


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