Black Town

You want to tell me
What to do and what to don’t
You like to tell me
What you’ll do and what you won’t
And as the people gather
They doubt who you are
So you force me
At your beck and call

In the night
You’ll kneel by my side
To see what’s mine
You’ll forget about your pride
The best night of my life

In a black town
Where black people grow
They bow down
Before their golden cow
As cause and effect
Go hand in hand
The devil may strike
But I don’t mind, I just don’t mind

‘Cause tonight
They’ll kneel by my side
I’ll collect what’s mine
Together with their fall
At my beck and call


Tonight you’ll forget
Everything you had to say
And I will have it my way

Lyrics (C) 1998 Magnus Borgström. All rights reserved.