Dreamtime Congregation

And we stand in the ruins
Of the world as we know it
Consider what we have done
Ponder if it was worth it

And the flames rise higher
And the chanting grows stronger
Now the silent angst of nightlife
Feeds the cradle of Dreamtime

In the stillness of the night the vision comes to us all
Weeping realising tears, but the pain won’t go away
Eyes are slowly opened up to see what lies beneath
What has been is here again, but we have gone astray

You cry alone
You cry on your own

“Yes! I know from whence I spring
Never sated, like a fire
Glowing I myself consume
All I seize and touch makes light
All I leave behind me ashes
Surely flame is what I am” [1]

Man the Creator; Man the Destroyer (x2)
Man whose touch gives life and death (x2) [2]
No more!

You cry alone
You cry on your own

You cry alone
(I want you inside me)
You cry on your own
(Where I’ll consume you)

Shed no tears for it is too late
Celebrate the New Way…

“The eternal dream-time – a time which is past and yet present, partaking of the nature of the dreamlife, unfettered by the limitations set by time and space” [3]

Dreamtime, “The mode of the eternal moment of creating, of being, as contrasted with the mode of cause and effect in time” [4]

Dreamtime, “a time of fluidity, shape-shifting interspecies conversation and intersexuality” [4]

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[2] Originally “Man the creator, man the destroyer; man whose touch produced light and death”, in
A. Bramwell, Ecology in the 20th Century: A History, Pt. 1, Ch. 1 (Yale University Press, 1989)

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Lyrics (C) 2019 Mikael Nyblom (except references above). All rights reserved.