Flanging Reality

Welcome! Sit here amongst us
Enter without fear – come in
We’ll deliver you from sin

You don’t have to be afraid
You will never have to run
Hesitations you may shun

All the comfort yours for sure
This bed is here for your rest
Lay your head upon my chest

I will never let you down
Be the place that you know best
Substitute for Mother’s breast

Standing by your side
Calling you away
Standing by your side
And I’m leading you astray

Straying away (x2)

I twist their heads and make them believe
There’s weakness in conclusions
Safety in illusions

All resolve fades as I derive my
Power from uncertainty
(And) shattering of unity

I instigate and contaminate
I separate and discriminate
I desensitise and fill them with lies
Brutalise, victimise
Come stray with me

Straying away (x3)
Straying away forever

And your hope will die
As your friends, they fade away
And your hope will die
As your loved ones go astray

Straying away
Straying away forever
Straying away
Straying away forever…

Straying away forever

Lyrics (C) 2022 Mikael Nyblom. All rights reserved.