Letters for Jennie

Jennie I write to you the words I cannot speak
When looking into your eyes so warm and bright
Feeling ashamed of the way I do provoke you
As a part of me strives to put awake again
The feelings that once were there

I remember

You’ve said that it passed for you
But you never asked
If it happened too inside of me
I still feel for you
My heart still remembers your touch
Deep inside hearts do remember

And I remember what I’ve done
I remember

I don’t want you
I don’t want you to be mine
It doesn’t matter for my desires arise again
Every time we meet
I play this stupid game…
…as I value more what we have now
Than what could have been
…as I stand in fear of
That I might spoil it all
…as I know…that hearts do remember

And I force myself to remember
What I’ve given to all of those
That I’ve ever loved

Filth; Filth; Filth

Sometimes I wish…
I wonder, as you once did
Could it be that we are meant to be
But I cannot let myself close to you
For all I touch I taint

‘Cause I am filth; Filth; Filth
Now and forever; Filth; I am Filth

(These letters that I spell don’t mean a thing
They cannot capture the essence of my thoughts
That is why they will not be given to you
And you will never read them
For you’re already gone)*

All is gone

Lyrics (C) 2000 Mikael Antic. All rights reserved.

(*) NOTE: This entire verse was removed to shorten the song, but I still wanted to leave it here because I feel the song kind of loses its whole point without these few lines. – MA