Flanging Reality Out Now!

Here is our new single, Flanging Reality. It is a song about toxic leadership – toxic spiritual leaders, toxic political leaders, and where you will end up if you listen to their toxic messages.


New Single Announcement + 25th Anniversary!

First and foremost, our new single is dropping on 16 December! The name of the song is…


The link to SoundCloud will be posted on the release date, but in case you want to pre-save a dead (unborn?) link, here it is:


Style wise, we have moved into some pretty interesting territory here: Post-Goth Ambient Metal? #eclectic

And on a side note, around this time of year 25 years ago, Deonda in its first incarnation (5 members) formed. Champagne, anyone?

The Seeker added to YouTube

The Seeker (More Than You) is the second track from our 2000 EP Death. It was the first track where you could hear Mikael Drackner handle the bass guitar. I also stands out a bit in the sense that you could hear us go for a more progressive and eclectic sound, with tempo changes, and a section that only with difficulty can be defined as anything else than Techno. The video features lyrics, and live footage from a 1999 concert.

New songs to be released!

Ok, so here’s a real piece of news: we are planning to release three new songs this year! All three are in the final recording stages and are titled as follows:

Flanging Reality

…and Never by No-one (title tentative)

Temple of Pain (title tentative)

We will publish pre-release snippets of these song songs on our Instagram account, so make sure to follow us there.

There are a number of other songs at various recording and production stages, and hopefully we will be able to release another two or three the next year too.

Cold added to YouTube

Here’s a video clip for the opening track from our 2000 EP Death, featuring live footage and photos.

On a side note, you may have noticed that the frequency of these video releases has diminished considerably. This is actually because we’re focusing on making songs. More news to follow…

Black Town added to YouTube channel

After a short hiatus we have begun adding music clips to YouTube again. The latest song out is Black Town, which is the forth track from our self-released 2000 EP Life Anthem, as well as the last song to be recorded with our original lineup. It is also the only song we have ever released that became anything even resembling a “hit song”. 😉

Back online, new website

As you may have noticed, our website was first down, and then hacked, for well over a year. But now we’re back! We also took the occasion to update our site to a more modern look. Hope you like it.

With love from the boys.
/Mikael, Magnus, Mikael

YouTube channel started

We decided to become a little more 2018 🙂 and put our songs on YouTube. Remember to subscribe, and hit the bell to recieve notifications of new content!

The plan is to premiere one song at a time in chronological order, and then collect them in playlists corresponding to our albums. Nothing fancy – just the songs, lyrics, some live footage, and photos of smooth faces. 😉

So far we have uploaded all the songs for Life Anthem:

Peace out.

Song release: Decadence

Happy birthday, Mikael Nyblom! We celebrate our lead vocalist by releasing a new song. Mikael: “This is the best birthday present ever! For some other birthday in the future I wish myself a live gig for a large audience that loves us.” 🙂

This song features our second-ever duet between Magnus and Mikael, Hanson-esque backing vocals, lots of rain, and the most adorable little doggy. Yes, we are comfortable it will take you for a ride. 😉 Enjoy.


(P.S. And who knows – there might be song releases for Magnus Borgström and Mikael Drackner’s birthdays too!)