Song release: SymPathetic

We have the pleasure of presenting to you our latest song: SymPathetic.

We think it progresses very nicely from Jazz to Industrial Metal. Yeah, you read that right. 😉



Happy Isolational Bailando Year

For this holiday at a social distance, we dug up a rare item for you from the sound archives. This is a song that we did for shits and giggles at a live gig over 15 years ago. We hope that it might give you a good laugh or a least put a smile on your face towards the end of this clusterf*ck of a year. Or a smirk. If you smirk, that’s fine too.

Disclaimer 1: This is a demo (or even a pre-demo) recording, without much thought given to mixing, re-recording, and most certainly not mastering. Expect it to sound like one.

Disclaimer 2: It’s obviously a cover, released without kind permission. The moment any copyright gnargoyle rears its ugly mug we’re pulling it from the web for good – so make sure you download it before that happens. 😉

And with this, we wish you all a truly Happy New Year. No, really.


Song release: Addiction

We are very proud to present our latest song, Addiction. This is an unusually (for us) straightforward Metal song, and features the potentially thrashiest riff we’ve ever written.

Trivia: the song features the Serenity Prayer, and it is the 30th song we’ve released since the band was founded.

In any case, we hope you enjoy it.


Song release: Dreamtime Congregation

Dear all,

Today we have the pleasure of presenting something extra special to you.

This is a song that we have been working on, to and fro, for a little over 20 years. Yeah, you read that right — we first started working on it during the previous millennium.

This is not your standard off-the-shelf hit song. It is a progressive monstrosity that grinds and churns for over 8 minutes, and that features Ethnic elements and non-fiction literary quotes. Eclectic? We say yes. Pretentious? You decide. Either way, we recommend focused listening, loud volume and good earphones.

So without further ado, we bring you…

Shoutouts to Peter Wildoer for the inspiration to the polymetric 3:2 beat of the intro, to our former bass guitarist Ulf Nyberg for the initial riff, and to A. P. Elkin, Gary Snyder, Emma Bramwell, and “Friedrich the Madman” for the quotes.

Peace out,

Welcome to The Edge of Sanity

We promised there would be two songs released during 2017, and here is the second one. We call it The Edge of Sanity.

Please enjoy, and please don’t tell anyone we did this. 😉 Happy holidays!

(On a side note, Mikael Nyblom is the same person as Mikael Antic – he just got married and changed his name.)



Dear all, meet Mr Vegas.

We’d say this is the most Gothic-esque song we’ve released since … say, Letters for Jennie. Maybe even since As For You. But you know us – we just can’t stick to one style. 😉 Enjoy.

With love from the boys,


Ladies and gentlemen, we give you…

The song was supposed to be released before Christmas, but before we could do the final mastering the computer crashed & burned. Luckily things could be salvaged and we’re very happy about that — because this is probably the coolest song we’ve ever released. We hope you’ll enjoy it.


New song released … kind of.

Lo and behold, after years of silence a new song – a song called H.L.A.C.M.S. – has been released! Although we’d like to call it a demo version as there are still a few things about it that we might fix up.

This is a political song and perhaps some will find it objectionable – it’s not a coincidence that the song was released this very day – but we’d like to ask of you to try to think beyond the apparent theme. As a little help on the way, H.L.A.C.M.S. stands for the Hollowing of Language as A Crisis of Modern Society. In any case, enjoy: